Friday, May 26, 2017
    The Modeling, Analysis, Predictions and Projections Program Mission


    The Modeling, Analysis, Predictions, and Projections (MAPP) Program's mission is to enhance the Nation's and NOAA's capability to understand, predict, and project variability and changes in Earth's climate system. MAPP’s work directly impacts or provides foundational capability for improving understanding, assessing impacts for decision making, and improving NOAA products used in mitigation and adaption. By supporting these goals, the MAPP program plays a crucial role in enabling the Nation to meet the societal challenges created by the impacts of climate variability, such as year-to-year changes in the occurrence of extremes or droughts, and longer term climate changes.

U.S. citizens and businesses face unprecedented challenges resulting from variations in the climate. Our growing National infrastructure is increasingly susceptible to both year-to-year and long-term changes in climate conditions. To prepare for and understand the nature of these changes, accurate and regional-scale computational modeling of the climate system is of the utmost importance. Climate and Earth system models and derived prediction systems have become central to almost every aspect of the global change research and applications apparatus.

NOAA is motivated by the challenges facing society to improve products and services through research. Ensuring that marine resources are sustainable; understanding coastal vulnerabilities and ensuring resiliency; monitoring, predicting, and understanding droughts; and preparing for extremes -- each of these critical aspects of our socioeconomic system are directly dependent upon our improved capability to model and predict aspects of the climate system. NOAA’s MAPP Program sustains research that is critical to improving such a foundational capability.

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The Modeling, Analysis, Predictions, and Projections (MAPP) Program's mission is to enhance the Nation's capability to understand and predict natural variability and changes in Earth's climate system. The MAPP Program supports development of advanced climate modeling technologies to improve simulation of climate variability, prediction of future climate variations from weeks to decades, and projection of long-term future climate conditions. To achieve its mission, the MAPP Program supports research focused on the coupling, integration, and application of Earth system models and analyses across NOAA, among partner agencies, and with the external research community.

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