Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Climate Impacts Research Consortium


Project Overview

CIRC provides information and tools for making decisions about landscape and watershed management in a changing climate in the Pacific Northwest. The approach CIRC takes is collaborative, bringing together natural, physical, and social scientists, education and outreach specialists, resource managers, planners, and practitioners from across the region. 

Together, these parties plan synthesize and integrate state-of-the-art climate, hydrologic, and other earth system science into a decision support system for the region and develop a framework for interactively envisioning future climate scenarios that are usable in many decision settings.

  • Summer Stakeholder Meetings (2011): Three stakeholder meetings in Boise, Portland, and Seattle to introduce the project, collect information on gaps in information, and explore areas of collaboration. Presentations are available by clicking on the link.

  • Pacific Northwest Climate Science Conference (2011): The second annual version of the conference brought together researchers, representatives from federal, state and local government agencies, and non-governmental organizations to discuss advances in climate research in the region. All presentations with audio from the conference are available online.

Principal Investigator

Denise Lach
Philip Mote

Program Manager

Josh Foster


John Abatzoglou
Adell Amos
Jeff Bethel
John Bolte
Susan Capalbo
Anna Harding
David Hulse
Dennis Lettenmaier
Vankataramana Sridhar
David Turner
Peter Ruggiero

Affiliated Institutions

Boise State University
Oregon State University
University of Idaho
University of Oregon
University of Washington

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