Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program

Project Overview

SCIPP's goal is to help communities better plan for weather and climate-related disasters in the southern United States, particularly in the face of a changing climate. SCIPP's research focuses on a six-state region of Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi. All six ranked within the top 15 for most disasters declared across the country, with four being ranked in the top 10 according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

With this in mind, SCIPP's research concentrates on the hazardous climatological events that plague the region including extremes in precipitation, severe storms, hurricanes and their impacts including droughts and floods. Their research hinges on active engagement and partnership with a large community of regional, state, and local stakeholder groups and a two-way dialogue between that community and researchers.

Principal Investigators

Barry Keim
Mark Shafer

Program Managers

Margret Boone
Rachel Riley


Renee Edwards
Yang Hong
Peter Lamb
Mark Meo
Kevin Robbins
May Yuan

Affiliated Institutions

Louisiana State University
University of Oklahoma