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May 2013

New Case Study: Drought in Central Texas

A newly released case study explores the wide-reaching impacts of drought in Texas. Central Texas entered its third consecutive year of drought in 2013, which began in 2011 when the state endured its worst single-year drought and hottest summer in recorded history. That year, communities in Central Texas faced 90 days of triple-digit heat, during which extensive wildfires burned hundreds of homes. 

Summer 2013 National Drought Outlook

On Thursday, May 16, leading experts from numerous federal agencies and non-government organizations will hold a Summer 2013 National Drought Outlook Forum on Capitol Hill to provide a seasonal drought forecast along with discussion of current and expected drought impacts and what plans are in place for response and mitigation.

IRI Scientists Collaborate with Health Experts on Early Warning Systems for Malaria and other Climate-Sensitive Diseases

Scientists at the International Research Institute for Climate Society (IRI) research ways to mitigate the effects of current transmission and future changes of such diseases as participants in the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)/World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center on Early Warning Systems for Malaria and other Climate Sensitive Diseases.

New Assessment Outlines Unique Challenges Climate Instability Poses to Southwest

In an era of increasing climate instability, the southwestern region in the United States faces strained water resources, greater prevalence of tree-killing pests and potentially significant alterations of agricultural infrastructure. Such threats and challenges, as well as others, are detailed in the Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest United States, a new book published by Island Press. 




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