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September 2015

CVP Webinar Series on Decadal Variability and Predictability

Please join us from 2-3PM EDT on Wednesday, October 7th for the next Decadal Variability and Predictability webinar, featuring presentations on Sensitivity of AMOC Heat Transport to Forcing and on Decadal Prediction over the Americas, Pacific and Atlantic Contributions.
For the full schedule and to sign up to view the webinars, visit

SOCAT version 3 released

The Surface Ocean Carbon Atlas (SOCAT) is a community effort to assemble and quality control all publically available surface water partial pressure/fugacity of carbon dioxide CO2 data (pCO2 or fCO2). This data is the cornerstone to determine fluxes of CO2 between the ocean and atmosphere, and trends in surface ocean acidification. Over one-third of the data originates from CPO/COD funded efforts on ship of opportunity (SOOP-CO2) and moorings. 

Climate and Health Workshop in India briefed on Climate Services for Public Health by CPO’s Trtanj

Juli Trtanj (OAR/CPO) will serve as a key resource person at a national capacity building initiative for climate and health in New Delhi, India from 22-24 September 2015. Trtanj will present a global overview of climate services for public health to an interdisciplinary group of scientists (climatologists, meteorologists, epidemiologists, public health and social development experts) at a workshop hosted by TARU Leading Edge, the Indian Meteorological Society, and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. The overview will include a briefing on the concepts behind the National Integrated Heat Health Information System (NIHHIS) and outcomes from the recent NOAA-lead Workshop on the Development of Climate Information Systems for Heat Health Early Warning in Chicago, including future heat health system pilots and research collaborations with India. The briefing will also include updates on NOAA’s collaborative efforts in water and vector-borne diseases, highlighting our vibrio forecasting work with the NOS Ecological Forecasting Services, and our work on cholera early warning in Bangladesh. Coverage of NOAA’s other international efforts with health connections, such as NWS/NCEP’s international work on monsoons, and our involvement with the Global Framework on Climate Services and the Group on Earth Observations will also be included.

Researchers call for greater consideration of the human impacts on water stress in Nature commentary

Researchers from OAR and the University of California system, including Amir AghaKouchak, David Feldman, and Travis Huxman (University of California, Irvine) as well as Martin Hoerling (NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory) and Jay Lund (University of California, Davis), recently published an essay in Nature discussing the future implications for California and other regions with growing populations and industries of the growing demand humans are placing on water.

CPO to host cutting-edge international workshop on high resolution modeling to improve predictions from weeks to seasons

CPO’s Modeling, Analysis, Predictions, and Projections (MAPP) program will host a technical workshop jointly organized by NOAA-DOE on high-resolution coupling and initialization to improve predictability and prediction in climate models September 30th through October 2nd at the NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction Conference Center in College Park, Maryland.

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