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March 2016

New workshop report: high resolution modeling has potential to improve climate predictions but more experimentation is needed

A new report summarizes key findings from the joint NOAA and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) high resolution modeling workshop held at the NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction in College Park, Maryland on September 30th through October 2nd. Overall, the workshop report states that there have been some promising efforts in the climate predictions (weeks to seasons) and long-term projections communities to explore using high resolution to improve climate models and prediction.

Global Sea Level Rise in the 20th Century was faster than the past 27 centuries, says a joint report

The 20th century saw the fastest rise in global sea level (GSL) in 27 centuries, according to a new report supported by NOAA. Partners from Rutgers’ University, Tufts’ University, NOAA, and other researchers foreign and domestic utilized new statistical modeling techniques that permitted observation of GSL rise and projections for GSL in the 21st century. Previous statistical modeling could only focus at the regional and local levels.

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