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October 2017

NOAA and ESRI Team Up to Create New Tools for Heat Health Understanding, Planning, and Analysis for the GEO Plenary

A new set of visualizations and analytical tools to understand, prepare for, and respond to extreme heat and its human health impacts (including economic impacts), has been prepared as an ESRI Story Map, developed in cooperation with NOAA and the NIHHIS Interagency Working Group. The story map includes a number of powerful tools which can also be used as stand-alone analytical web apps. The collaboration will continue, and the tools will be refined over time. The story map will be unveiled officially at the upcoming GEO Plenary in Washington DC, the week of 23 October 2017, and we encourage any and all with interest in climate and health to attend the open sessions and side meetings on Monday and Tuesday of that week – particularly the GEO Health Community of Practice on Tuesday afternoon. For more information on the GEO plenary, visit:

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