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March 2018

2018-03-27 13.52 NAS U.S. Methane Emission Report – Briefing to NOAA

On March 27, the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine publicly released a new report on human emissions of methane in the U.S., which was sponsored by NOAA’s AC4 program in partnership with DOE, EPA, and NASA. In this recorded briefing, NASEM’s committee members summarized current approaches to measuring, monitoring, reporting, and developing inventories of U.S. emissions of methane, followed by a period of Q&A and discussion.

The Experts Weigh In: How To Close the Gap Between Weather and Climate Predictions

Three leaders from the weather and climate research communities share their perspective on how best to address the subseasonal to seasonal prediction challenge in a new open-access paper in Nature Partner Journals – Climate and Atmospheric Science. The authors include Annarita Mariotti, Director of the NOAA MAPP Program, as well as Paolo Ruti and Michel Rixen, who coordinate research for the World Weather Research Program (WWRP) and World Climate Research Program (WCRP), respectively.

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