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April 2019

New Heat Maps Help Cities Prepare for Longer, More Intense Heat Waves

In the summers of 2017 and 2018, citizen scientists in Richmond, VA, the District of Columbia, and Baltimore, MD, gathered temperature data all over their cities on days when temperatures reached at least 95°F. The results, as outlined in a NOAA article from 2018, show that air temperatures in some areas of the city can be up to 17°F hotter than other areas during the same time of day. On days when local temperatures climb above 95°F, the additional heat emitted by paved and concrete structures can produce dangerously hot temperatures in some neighborhoods. 

NOAA’s Climate Program Office Conducts Public Webinar on Climate, Environment and Health Funding Opportunity

NOAA is engaged in a partnership with NSF, NIH, USDA and agencies from 8 other countries to reduce risk in the public health sector through the use of climate-related knowledge and information tools and services; this allows us to leverage millions of dollars of investment from other countries in high priority topics to the US.

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