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August 2019

Upcoming workshop on Forecast-Informed Reservoir Operation and Water Resources Management

CPO’s NIDIS program, the Texas Water Development Board, and the University of Texas-Arlington will host an interactive workshop on September 12-13 in Arlington, Texas. Participants will learn how NOAA forecasts have been applied in decision-support tools for water management in different states and discuss what steps are needed to integrate NOAA forecasts in reservoir operations and water resources management in Texas and Oklahoma.

NIDIS to host workshop on drought recovery tools and perspectives in the Intermountain West

On September 24, NCEI and NIDIS will host a workshop in Boulder, Colorado to bring together current and potential users of NCEI’s drought amelioration tool, such as drought decision-makers, political leaders, TV media, water managers, science writers, and community members, to share information.

Global climate model resolution significantly impacts modeled tropical cyclone response to increased CO2 and warming

Researchers funded in part by the Climate Observations and Monitoring program, in collaboration with the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL), a NOAA facility at Princeton University, have published a new study that examines how projected climate features (global temperature, precipitation, and tropical cyclone activity) respond to increased CO2 conditions at varying resolution (25km vs. 50km vs. 200km). The article, “Tropical cyclone sensitivities to CO2 doubling: roles of atmospheric resolution, synoptic variability and background climate changes,” was published in the journal Climate Dynamics on August 13, 2019. 

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