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December 2019

New CPO-funded national database of CO₂ transportation emissions now available for download

Accessible via the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center, the database provides the most detailed estimates available of where CO₂ is emitted from within the transportation sector and will help scientists and decision makers track how CO₂ emissions are changing over time and across U.S. cities.

Preparing for extreme sea levels is different depending on location and time, new study finds

Using historical data from tide gauges that line U.S. coasts, researchers funded by CPO’s Climate Observations and Monitoring Program created an extreme sea level indicator that identifies how much of a role different major weather and ocean forces have played in affecting extreme sea levels in coastal areas around the country.

Bridging the Weather-Climate Prediction Skill Gap with a Multi-Model Experiment

Researchers have for years been working to tackle the subseasonal to seasonal (S2S) prediction problem to improve forecasts. The Subseasonal Experiment, SubX, is an interagency research-to-operations project designed to help tackle this problem. The results of the project were recently published in BAMS. 

SCIPP RISA Deputy Director Wins National Route Fifty Tech Innovator Award for Simple Planning Tool

The SPT is a compilation of relatively easy-to-use online interactive tools, maps, and graphs that helps cut through the internet clutter and points to relatively simple data tools. SCIPP also recently received an award from the American Planning Association Oklahoma Chapter for this tool.

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