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January 2020

Urban Northeast RISA team helps prepare one of world’s largest energy delivery systems for climate change impacts

A new report evaluated present-day infrastructure, design specifications, and procedures against expected climate change to better understand its future impact on Con Edison’s energy delivery systems in NYC and Westchester County through the 21st century.

Application for 2020 Urban Heat Island mapping campaigns now available

To reduce the risk of heat illness that arrives with hot days, the National Integrated Heat Health Information System (NIHHIS) encourages municipalities to gather data and produce a map of their community’s hottest neighborhoods. Pending availability of federal funds, NIHHIS intends to provide financial support to 20 cities where groups are willing to organize and run volunteer mapping campaigns, and then engage municipal leaders in addressing their issues of urban heat. The application for funding is now available.

CPO’s Alaska RISA team co-authors book chapter on drivers of landscape change in the Northwest Boreal Region

The book aims to create a resource for regional land and resource managers and researchers that synthesizes the latest research on the historical and current status of landscape-scale drivers (including anthropogenic activities) and ecosystem processes, future projected changes of each, and the effects of changes on important resources in the region.

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