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June 2020

RISA team partners with electric utility in Southwest to assess climate risks and opportunities

Climate risks pose a particular set of challenges to electrical utilities, who must manage the direct impacts of climate and weather, in addition to considering how related effects might propagate through networks of interconnected social and environmental risks.

New research examines changes in stratospheric circulation pattern over past four decades

The study highlights scientists’ ability to indirectly measure large scale global processes through observation platforms that confirm models and shows how anthropogenic effects (e.g. greenhouse gases and ozone) interact to impact large scale global circulation systems.

Living Dangerously Cool with Jökulhlaups (yo-KOOL-lahps)

Since 2011, Suicide Basin—a partly glacierized basin of the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska—has released annual glacier lake outburst floods, called Jökulhlaups by icelanders and glaciologists, which cause flooding and erosion that endanger lives and damage nearby homes and infrastructure. 

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