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October 2020

SCIPP RISA Publishes Three Reports on the Challenges of Communicating Weather and Climate Information

Dr. William Howe, Climate Assessment Specialist for the CPO RISA Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program (SCIPP) team, released three new studies on the challenges of communicating weather and climate information. He compared tweets of severe weather events between the National Weather Service and local television stations, examined the relationships between SCIPP’s primary stakeholders and sources of climate information, and conducted an experiment in which messages were framed differently to see how residents of Texas responded.

Two New Studies Published on Cyclone Size and Storm Turbulence

Research funded by the Climate Variability & Predictability (CVP) program (i) reveals the physical processes that contribute to tropical cyclones’ larger average size in the western North Pacific vs. the North Atlantic and (ii) simulates Hurricane Irene to study the ocean surface boundary layer underneath the storm. 

Elevating Houses Can Protect Against Damaging Floods. But How High is High Enough?

Millions of Americans have properties facing the threat of destructive floods, with a cost of up to $25,000 in damages for just one inch of floodwater. To manage that risk, people who live in areas designated as river flood zones often seek to raise their homes—but exactly how high to elevate their homes is both a critical and complicated decision.  

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