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January 2021

Climate Change Brings Challenges for the CNMI: Stronger Storms, Coral Loss, and Health Risks

According to a new climate change assessment report for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, led by members of CPO’s Pacific Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessment team (Pacific RISA) and co-supported by CPO’s Assessments Program, threatened resources include high-value coastal infrastructure and the millions of dollars that ocean ecosystems add to the CNMI economy annually.

Planning Ahead for Climate Change Protects Fish and Fisheries with Few Trade-offs, Study Says

As our climate warms, some marine species are moving northward, diving deeper or shifting their distribution in search of cooler waters, affecting fisheries and fishing communities. But uncertainty regarding whether the benefits of proactively planning for these shifts outweigh the costs has remained a barrier for some to incorporate climate change impacts into ocean plans.  

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