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April 2021

USDA Forest Service Leverages CPO-Sponsored Tool for Climate Projections

By investing in development of the open-source Climate Explorer tool, CPO’s Communication Education and Engagement division enabled the Forest Service to build a derivative tool for their information needs at a fraction of the cost of developing a new tool. The Climate by Forest tool will allow them to access climate projection data by ecoregion within National Forest System lands.

CPO Produces NOAA Blue Carbon Inventory Project Briefing Sheet

The NOAA Blue Carbon Inventory Project addresses the nexus of climate, ecosystems and the human communities that depend on them, and provides opportunities to explore co-benefits for mitigation and adaptation. The effort also demonstrates how NOAA can work across line offices and the U.S. government agency community to share scientific, technical, and stewardship knowledge and experience with other countries

Climate Services Webinar Spotlights Climate and Fisheries Adaptation Program PI and Northeast Fisheries Climate Modeling Project

In 2020, the joint CPO-NMFS Climate and Fisheries Adaptation Program (CAFA) funded projects to develop integrated climate-fisheries modeling frameworks in four regions, which will evaluate fisheries management and adaptation strategies and serve as pilot projects for the NOAA Climate and Fisheries Initiative. This April 29th webinar will discuss the project in the Northeast region.

CPO’s Hunter Jones Featured in Weather-Ready Nation’s Social Equity-Focused Roundtable

Jones is set to discuss the social equity implications of extreme heat and how the NIHHIS-funded urban heat island mapping campaigns are providing vital information. This highly visible event will reach hundreds to thousands of Weather-Ready Nation ambassadors interested in extreme heat risk mitigation and social equity

South Central RISA Recaps Extreme February Weather in New Report

The report seeks to educate the general public about the extreme winter weather event in February 2021  as it describes records that were broken, the context of the event compared to climatology and past events, and impacts to sectors like infrastructure, the economy, the environment, and society. 

5 Ways NOAA Scientists are Answering Big Questions About Climate Change

From warmer ocean temperatures to longer and more intense droughts and heat waves, climate change is affecting our entire planet. Scientists at NOAA have long worked to track, understand and predict how climate change is progressing and impacting ecosystems, communities and economies. In honor of Earth Day, take a look at five ways scientists, including researchers funded by CPO’s Regional Integreated Sciences and Assessments (RISA) program, are studying this far-reaching global trend.

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