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May 2022

Bringing Islands Together to Advance Sustainable and Regenerative Tourism: NOAA Collaborates with the Local2030 Islands Network to Kick Off a New Community of Practice

Through this partnership with the Local2030 Islands Network, NOAA is advancing a whole-of-government approach to supporting adaptation and resilience for island nations.

Pacific RISA Principal Investigator Victoria Keener Speaks about Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Exchange and Participatory Scenario Planning at the ASU Center for Science and Policy Outcomes

Dr. Victoria Keener, a RISA-funded scientist, spoke on the importance of collaboration and planning in advancing climate adaptation initiatives and policies at the ASU Center for Science and Policy Outcomes.

NOAA Climate Program Office’s MAPP program awards $2.7 million for new climate monitoring to support risk assessment

CPO’s Modeling, Analysis, Predictions, and Projections (MAPP) program is announcing seven new three-year projects for Fiscal Years 2022-2024 that aim to develop new model-based monitoring products addressing key climate impact areas totaling $2.7 million. 

MAPP CMIP6 Task Force Concludes Three Year Initiative

Starting in 2019, MAPP organized the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project phase 6 (CMIP6) Task Force to coordinate research activities targeted toward the development of climate projections. The CMIP6 Task Force links researchers across 13 funded projects from the FY19 21st Century Integrated U.S. Climate Predictions and Projections funding opportunity, to facilitate communication, coordination, and synthesis of research results.

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