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Climate Literacy Guide moves to writing period


The U.S. Global Change Research Program’s Climate Engagement and Capacity-building Working Group, supported by Frank Niepold, Haley Crim, and John Coggin of the CEE division, has completed a robust public comment period and is moving to writing an update of 2009’s Climate Literacy Guide. Over 500 people from around the country and around the world have participated in 17 listening sessions throughout April and May, providing guidance on how to include climate education, justice, workforce development, Indigenous knowledge, and communication strategies in the updated guide. The number of individual comments collected through the Request for Information and the listening sessions is expected to exceed 8000.

NOAA and the Smithsonian Institution are co-leads of the interagency federal team at USGCRP working to update the climate guide to reflect current climate science, engagement, workforce development, Indigenous knowledge, and education methods, and include a focus on informing climate decisions. The federal writing team includes members from NOAA, BIA, FEMA, Navy, HHS, US Forest Service, and the Smithsonian. There are 24 strategic reviewers from a diverse group of agencies including; NOAA, Smithsnian, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (DOE), DOE, EPA, USGCRP, HHS, NIFA, NASA, USDA/ARS, DOI, USDA, HUD, USGS, and BIA.

There is still time to submit your thoughts to the new guide! Please feel free to join our last listening session on the clean workforce by signing up here

Read the notice of request for information here »

For more information, contact Frank Niepold or Haley Crim.

Image credit: CPO/CEE


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