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CPO coordinates dialogue between NOAA and Taiwan's EPA on climate cooperation

NOAA's Climate Program Office had a central role in two recent meetings with Taiwan's Environmental Protection Agency (EPAT).

On August 6th, a group of technical experts from Taiwan visited the Climate Program Office for an all-day scoping meeting to discuss potential areas of cooperation on climate change and adaptation. Opened by CPO Director Wayne Higgins and moderated by Meredith Muth of CPO, meeting participants also included Juli Trtanj, Hunter Jones, and David Herring from CPO, and others from NESDIS, NWS and NOS.

Outcomes included follow up dialogues on knowledge sharing platforms, coastal resilience and health. On August 14th, the Minister of EPAT met with NOAA's Chief Scientist Dr. Spinrad to exchange ideas and experiences on issues including community resilience, research and management of big data.

This meeting was coordinated in partnership with NOAA's Office of International Affairs, OAR's International Activities office, and OAR PCO.




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