David Legler leads service project for Charlottesville school

  • 3 April 2015
David Legler leads service project for Charlottesville school

Dr David Legler, of CPO's Climate Observation Division, recently led a service project for North Branch School during a break for his 4-week Leadership Development course "Leadership for a Democratic Society" at the Federal Executive Institute in Charlottesville, VA.


During his time off during his leadership development course, Legler organized and lead a voluntary weekend service project for North Branch School near Charlottesville. David enlisted the help of other executives in the course representing 8 different government agencies and 4 states plus the District of Columbia, to make improvements to the school playground, paint rooms, clean the art and science classrooms, and create a new fish pond. 

The Leadership for a Democratic Society course focused on enhancing his knowledge of the Constitutional underpinning of Federal Government work and the common culture of senior Federal executives; building his skills in personal leadership; gain insights into organizational theory, the policy framework in which Government leadership occurs, and the broad global trends and events that shape government agendas.

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