9th NOAA-Indonesia Ocean-Climate Observations, Analysis, and Applications Partnership Workshop

  • 10 August 2014

The "9th NOAA-Indonesia Ocean-Climate Observations, Analysis and Applications Partnership Workshop” will be held in Jakarta on August 20-23, 2014. 

This year Indonesia's Weather and Climate Agency (BMKG) will be hosting NOAA and University Colleagues from CPO Climate Observations, NWS Climate Services Division, PMEL, Columbia and the University of Washington.  

Training sessions will include: Climate Decision Support, Indian Ocean RAMA data, Seasonal Forecasting techniques, Indonesian Throughflow and Argo Technology.  

In exchange for capacity development in these areas, Indonesia provides ship support to NOAA for its eastern Indian Ocean RAMA operations and ship time coordination for the Indonesian Throughflow observations.  Such Partnerships between developing and developed Nations are consistent with the aspirations of the PANGEA concept of JCOMM




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