Beller-Simms co-hosts Improving Access to Information for Decision Making workshop

  • 19 February 2014
CPO’s Nancy Beller-Simms co-hosted a workshop on Feb. 10 with Danielle Swallow of the National Climatic Data Center. The workshop included representatives from major water and planning associations, foundations, and federations.

The goals of the workshop, titled “Improving Access to Information for Decision Making: A Partnership with the Water Utility, Urban Planning, and NOAA Communities,” included:

  • Bring potential partners together from the water utility (e.g., WERF, WaterRF, AMWA, WEF, and AWWA) and urban planning communities (Am Planning Assoc) to discuss vision and goals for a collaboration that expands access to and utilization of NOAA climate information, forecasts, tools, and education in decision-making,
  • Review examples of current successful Federally-hosted websites such as, and Digital Coasts and discuss opportunities to leverage one or more of those sites, and
  • Develop a pathway and/or plan for future collaborations.
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