Florida's Fragile Oasis

Florida's Fragile Oasis

In a place routinely afflicted by drought, water managers in Tampa Bay use climate forecasts to ensure a water supply to people's taps without sucking the region's rivers, wetlands, and groundwater dry. The limits of their innovation might be tested in a future which could pose even more challenges to ensuring the oasis remains green.

Vasu Misra, a climate researcher from Florida State University, is working with a group of climate researchers and local water managers to unravel some of the climate-related challenges facing them. Funded by the CPO's Modeling, Analysis, Predictions, and Projections (MAPP) program, Misra is investigating local-scale climate impacts, including the variability and predictability of tropical storms in the Western Atlantic that can deliver a large percentage of precipitation to areas of Florida. 

In addition to this research, Misra is also helping water managers by downscaling climate models, an effort is funded in part by the CPO's Sectoral Applications Research Program. Read the multimedia feature on NOAA Climate.Gov to find out what it takes to supply Tampa's growing population with the water they need through the year and in years to come.




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