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The Return of Drought Impacts: California-Nevada Drought & Climate Outlook

The Return of Drought Impacts: California-Nevada Drought & Climate Outlook

On March 23, CPO's National Integrated Drought Information Systen (NIDIS) and California-Nevada RISA (CNAP) will host a webinar to describe the moderate drought conditions that have returned to both states, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, and what’s ahead. A dry start to the 2020 water year and a dry January-February has left much of California and Nevada well below normal in precipitation and snowpack, and impacts to ranching, early crop irrigation and field fallowing, and increased threat of wildland fires have been reported. The CA-NV Drought Early Warning System (DEWS) Drought & Climate Outlook Webinar will provide an overview of the current conditions leading up to April 1, a critical date in the local water year, and the outlook beyond. Speakers will include Dr. Ben Hatchett from the Western Regional Climate Center, Peter Fickenscher from NWS California Nevada River Forecast Center, and Dan Macron from University of California Cooperative Extension.

The CA-NV DEWS Drought and Outlook Webinars are part of a regular series designed to provide stakeholders and other interested parties in the region with timely information on current drought status and impacts, as well as a preview of current and developing climatic events (i.e., El Niño and La Niña).

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