NOAA Climate Program Office’s 2022 funding opportunity is now open

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NOAA’s Climate Program Office (CPO) is pleased to announce that its Fiscal Year 2022 grant competitions are now open.

The increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather and climate events are taking a heavy toll on our nation. Last year shattered the previous record of billion-dollar weather and climate disasters, with a total of 22 events costing almost $100 billion and killing nearly 300 people.

As communities grapple with rising impacts, this year’s solicitation includes eight competitions to advance understanding and prediction of climate, and ultimately help Americans plan and respond. 

Approximately $15 million will be available for about 90 new awards, pending budget appropriations, with most awards funded between $50,000 and $300,000 per year. 

The competition topics include:

  • investigating fire and smoke at the wildland-urban interface,
  • advancing understanding of key precipitation processes to improve their representation in weather and climate models,
  • modeling and observations to improve understanding of the tropical Pacific climate system,
  • improving climate understanding and information for marine sanctuary management planning,
  • advancing understanding of atmospheric aerosols and their potential roles in climate intervention methods, 
  • scaling up and accelerating the pace of climate resilience building across the United States,
  • developing research and tools to improve understanding and management of drought risk in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, and
  • building tribal drought resilience.

Letters of intent are due August 9, 2021 at 5pm ET. Full applications are due October 18, 2021 at 5pm ET

Several topics align with the four high-priority climate risk areas—coastal inundation, marine ecosystems, water resources, and extreme heat—that CPO is focusing on to enhance its investments and improve our nation's resilience with user-driven solutions. Prior to submitting applications, investigators are highly encouraged to learn more about CPO and its programs, as well as specific program priorities for FY 2022. 

By finding and funding world-class climate science, CPO provides authoritative, actionable information to ensure better decision-making and enable people, businesses, and the environment to thrive in the face of a changing climate and its impacts.

Learn more about CPO's FY 2022 competitions and how to apply »  




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Americans’ health, security and economic wellbeing are tied to climate and weather. Every day, we see communities grappling with environmental challenges due to unusual or extreme events related to climate and weather.