MERT to Assess Sanctuary Perception of CPO-Sanctuary Partnership

MERT to Assess Sanctuary Perception of CPO-Sanctuary Partnership

On September 14, CPO’s Marine Ecosystem Risk Team (MERT) will distribute a Quality of Relationship survey to all staff in the NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries (ONMS). A year and a half into the partnership between the two offices, the feedback from this survey will allow MERT to evaluate both their working relationship with ONMS and the perception that ONMS staff have of CPO and the partnership. 

MERT will use the results of this survey to identify areas where the partnership is working well and areas for improvement to ensure that the CPO-ONMS partnership is as effective and productive as possible. This survey will be distributed annually to allow CPO and MERT to track how the perception of CPO among ONMS staff changes throughout the partnership and work to improve the quality of the partnership where necessary.

By providing information that will allow staff to improve the relationship between CPO and ONMS, this survey represents a crucial milestone toward an overarching goal of the MERT initiative to build a lasting relationship between CPO and ONMS. The parties hope that the relationship reinforces and expands the application of climate science in National Marine Sanctuaries activities in support of NOAA’s Stewardship mission. 

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