COM organizes webinar on Marine Heat Waves for USGCRP series

  • 28 October 2021
COM organizes webinar on Marine Heat Waves for USGCRP series

The USGCRP Observations Interagency Working Group launched a seminar series earlier this year focused on Earth Observations in a Changing Climate. Monthly webinars highlight today's pressing environmental questions and issues that can only be addressed using high quality Earth observations. The webinar series intends to foster a better understanding of the relevance of Earth observations across a broad set of topical areas.

COM Knauss fellow Noura Randle organized a webinar featuring NOAA and NASA research on Marine Heat Waves and their implications for resource managers. The session, Observations Critical to Understanding and Resource Management Response to Marine Heat Waves, will feature speakers from NOAA, NASA, and other partners discussing their work to advance the understanding of Marine Heat Waves, and the translation of that understanding into management applications. 

The webinar will be held November 1 from 4-5 pm Eastern

Access Information:
Phone: +1.408.419.1715 
Guest Passcode: 150 379 345 9#




1315 East-West Highway Suite 100
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