NIHHIS Hosts the First NIHHIS National Meeting 26-28 April

NIHHIS Hosts the First NIHHIS National Meeting 26-28 April

The first NIHHIS National Meeting occurred this week, on April 26-28 April, with over 900+ registrants. The meeting was designed to bring together multiple stakeholders (federal agencies, state and local government, private and public partners, tribal and community leaders) to:

  • learn about and leverage heat and health activities, opportunities and resources

  • expand and strengthen partnerships and networks, and

  • foster a shared vision and path forward for equitable, heat-resilient communities

This virtual 3-day meeting had three major themes: Defining the Problem, Building Equitable Community Resilience, and Building Equitable Human Resilience. Each day consisted of high level opening remarks, keynotes, panels, and presentations–plus coffee hours and networking sessions to foster greater connection among participants and strengthen relationships.

We were pleased to have Dr. Spinrad, NOAA Administrator, and Dr. Walensky, CDC Director, to open the NIHHIS National Meeting, as well as Leadership from the White House, EPA, FEMA, OSHA, The Veterans Administration, Department of State, and several parts of Health and Human Services engaged throughout the meeting. Senator Ed Markey will be discussing new heat legislation and NIHHIS. Plus, we had participation from the Global Heat Health Information Network (GHHIN) and the World Meteorological Organization. We were also thrilled to have a wide range of non-federal partners, and state, local and tribal communities, and academia engaged.

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