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Regional Assessments of Vulnerability and Environmental Security (RAVENS) Phase 1: Water Security in a Changing Coastal Environment

Principal Investigator(s): Phil Loring, Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy, Institute of Northern Engineering, University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) William E. Schnabel, Water and Environmental Research Center (WERC), UAF S. Craig Gerlach, Center for Cross Cultural Studies, and the Center for Alaska Native Health Research (CANHR), UAF


Year Initially Funded: 2011

Abstract: 2011_Loring_Abstract_Website.pdf

Stimulate innovation and increase the pace of municipal responses to a changing climate in the Coastal Zone of the Northeast and Bay of Fundy

Principal Investigator(s): Susan Farady, Marine Affairs Institute & Rhode Island Sea Grant Legal Program, RogerWilliams University School of Law

Co-PI(s): Wes Shaw, Storm Smart Coast Network Jennifer Andrews, Clean Air - Cool Planet

Year Initially Funded: 2011

Abstract: 2011_FaradyKrum_Abstract_Website.pdf

Overcoming the obstacles and capitalizing on the incentives for climate change adaptation in coastal environmental justice communities

Principal Investigator(s): Ellen Douglas and Jack Wiggins, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Co-PI(s): Paul Kirshen, Battelle Memorial Institute Mathias Ruth, Tufts University Chris Watson, Consultant Carl Spector, City of Boston, Environment Department Michael Paolisso, University of Maryland Julia Knisel, Bruce Carlisle, Massachusetts Coastal Zone Managemen Gwen Shaughnessy & Zoe Johnson, Maryland Department of Natural Resources Vicky Carrasco, Maryland Sea Grant Extension Program, University of Maryland

Year Initially Funded: 2011

Abstract: 2011_Douglas_Abstract_Website.pdf

Development and Application of Methods for Assessing Nature-based and Engineered Adaptation Solutions to Climate Change in the Coastal Zone

Principal Investigator(s): Gretchen Daily, Stanford University

Co-PI(s): Mary Ruckelshaus, Stanford University Mike Beck, The Nature Conservancy Jorge Brenner, The Nature Conservancy of Texas Mark Plummer, NOAA NW Fisheries Science Center

Year Initially Funded: 2011

Abstract: 2011_Daily_WebsiteAbstract.pdf

Quantification of Inundation in South Florida caused by Sea Level Rises and its Social and Economic Impacts

Principal Investigator(s): Keqi Zhang and Robert Gutierrez, Florida International University


Year Initially Funded: 2010

Abstract: Zhang_WebsiteAbstract.pdf

Impacts of Climate Change on Transportation and Decision Support

Principal Investigator(s): Jan Muller, Transportation and Energy Program, Environmental and Energy Study Institute


Year Initially Funded: 2010

Abstract: Muller_WebsiteAbstract.pdf

Preparing for the Impacts of Sea-Level Rise and Extreme Storm Events Along the San Francisco Bay Area's Outer Coast

Principal Investigator(s): Patrick Barnard, United States Geological Survey Ellen Cohen and Grant Ballard, PRBO Conservation Science Maria Brown, Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary


Year Initially Funded: 2010

Abstract: Barnard_WebsiteAbstract.pdf

Managing Change: Developing Community-Based Ocean and Coastal Regional Resource Management of the U.S. Arctic

Principal Investigator(s): Kathryn Mengerink, Environmental Law Institute, Ocean Program, Purdue University Jessica Lefevre, Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission


Year Initially Funded: 2010

Abstract: Mengerink_WebsiteAbstract.pdf

Climate-Induced Changes to Fisheries Habitat in Lake Michigan: An Integrated Assessment

Principal Investigator(s): Thomas Hook, Keith Cherkauer, Jarrod Doucette, Lori Ivan, Linda Prokopy and Cary Troy, Purdue University Jacqueline Adams and Elizabeth Hinchey Malloy, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Programs


Year Initially Funded: 2010

Abstract: Hook_WebsiteAbstract.pdf

Mobilizing the NOAA Sea Grant Network for Coastal Community Climate Resilience

Principal Investigator(s): Joe Cone, Oregon State University, Oregon Sea Grant College Program Patrick Corcoran, Oregon State University, Department of Geosciences


Year Initially Funded: 2009

Abstract: Cone_WebsiteAbstract.pdf

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Americans’ health, security and economic wellbeing are tied to climate and weather. Every day, we see communities grappling with environmental challenges due to unusual or extreme events related to climate and weather. 


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