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November 30, 2012
NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction
5830 University Research Court
College Park, MD 20740

Meeting Summary

Goal: This meeting will provide a working level opportunity for GFDL and NCEP to share knowledge of as well as plans and directions for state-of-the-art ocean modeling at each institution, with a focus on ocean modeling in NOAA's operational activities and advanced scientific understanding of the coupled climate system. A potential goal of the discussions is to emerge with targeted working-level partnerships and next steps.

10:00-10:30 Meeting organization, institutional introductions
Don Anderson: MAPP statement, meeting organization/goals
Hendrik Tolman: NCEP current ocean modeling status and future directions
V Ramaswamy, Tom Delworth, Gabe Vecchi: GFDL current ocean modeling status, high resolution ocean modeling, and future directions (Presentation 1, Presentation 2 and accompanying video, Presentation 3)

10:30-12:30 Ocean Modeling
Steve Griffies: The Modular Ocean Model
Arun Kumar: Performance of MOM4 in CFSv2

Open Discussion (Chair: CPO) Topics: Use for MOM5 in CFSv3 at NCEP; preliminary results from GFDL on relative performance of MOM4- and MOM5-based SI prediction system or based on CMIP runs; ideas on collaboration; satisfaction of NCEP ocean/ice prediction capabilities and needs in the present and future by GFDL's ocean model development efforts; potential collaborative partnerships, research, and analysis of ocean modeling efforts at both NCEP/GFDL; metrics for evaluation of ocean model performance

1:00-2:00 Ocean Data Assimilation Systems
David Behringer: NCEP GODAS description, results
Tony Rosati: GFDL ocean data assimilation experiment description, results, future directions

Open Discussion (Chair: CPO) Topics: Possibility of collaboration of EnKF type of ocean data assimilation system at NCEP, joint ocean data assimilation experiments (e.g., OMIP)

2:00-3:00 Observing System Experiments
Yan Xue: NCEP OSEs to evaluate NOAA observational systems

Open Discussion (Chair: CPO) Topics: Joint OSE experiments (that could also involve NASA/GMAO) for equatorial Pacific, design of OSE experiments and purpose (utility of TAO when Argo was not available; utility of TAO when Argo is available), potential role of CPO's Climate Observations Division in OSE experiments

3:00-3:30 Next Steps (Chair: Don Anderson)

Meeting Participants:
Alistair Adcroft (GFDL)
Don Anderson (CPO)
V Balaji (GFDL)
Dan Barrie (CPO)
David Behringer (NCEP/EMC)
Tom Delworth (GFDL)
John Derber (NCEP/EMC)
Steve Griffies (GFDL)
Robert Hallberg (GFDL)
Wayne Higgins (NCEP/CPC)
Jin Huang (NCEP/CTB)
Arun Kumar (NCEP/CPC)
Bill Lapenta (NCEP/EMC)
Annarita Mariotti (CPO)
Avichal Mehra (NCEP/EMC)
Shrinivas Moorthi (NCEP/EMC)
V Ramaswamy (GFDL)
Tony Rosati (GFDL)
Jim Todd (CPO)
Hendrik Tolman (NCEP/EMC)
Louis Uccellini (NCEP)
Gabriel Vecchi (GFDL)
Michael Winton (GFDL)
Yan Xue (NCEP/CPC)


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