MAPP Task Forces

MAPP Task Forces are organized by the MAPP program with the goal of optimally leveraging community-wide research and transition activities in support of enhancing NOAA services. Each MAPP Task Force is comprised of 30-40 investigators primarily funded by the MAPP program to carry out individual research projects relevant to particular task force themes over at least a three-year period.

Task Force Concept

The MAPP Program Task Forces target high-priority research areas where rapid progress is needed to advance MAPP Program objectives. MAPP Program Task Forces will provide a working-level opportunity for MAPP-funded PIs already engaged in research projects with synergetic objectives to communicate and coordinate. Activities of the MAPP Task Forces will target well-defined yet broad research objectives requiring a community approach, beyond the scope of an individual research project. Objectives will be defined considering programmatic, scientific and operational drivers of relevance to the Task Force research area, and the likelihood of success considering the MAPP PIs involved (e.g,. their expertise and funded research projects) and the time span of the Task Force.

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The MAPP Task Forces bring together researchers and scientists at universities, research laboratories, and operational centers, facilitating synergistic community efforts regarding research outcomes and research needs. By drawing from expertise across federal agencies, universities and other scientific institutions, the MAPP Task Forces accelerate enhancements to NOAA’s observational, modeling, prediction, and projection capabilities and provide a platform for increased community interaction so as to identify and strengthen collaborations and synergies.

The NOAA Drought Task Force was first organized in 2011 and is now in its second cycle. Learn more about previous MAPP-organized Task Forces:

Terms of Reference

  • MAPP Program Management will initiate Task Forces in strategic areas, as needed.
  • The Task Forces will be led by scientists, selected by MAPP Program Management. Typically, one Lead and 3-4 co-leads will be selected.
  • MAPP Program management will oversee the activities of the Task Force working with the Leads.
  • Participation in the Task Force is by invitation, with the core of the Task Force constituted by MAPP-funded PIs.
  • Task Forces will typically be in place for 2-3 years, with a mid-term review of accomplishments and an opportunity for leadership rotation (as needed).
  • Most of the work will be done remotely via telecons, virtual meetings or leveraging on meetings of opportunity.


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