RISA Assessment Coordinators

In order to effectively engage with and leverage the resources and information from different regions throughout the United States, the Assessments Program aims to strengthen interactions with regional science organizations. These include the teams from the NOAA Regional Integrated Science and Assessment (RISA) program, which focuses on response to climate change and stakeholders within those regions. Through these interactions, the program seeks to gain more user input to the sustained assessment process and enhance stakeholder use of and engagement with science and tools for responding to change.

The NOAA RISA program supports a network of 10 RISA research teams in different regions around the country that help build the capacity of those seeking to prepare for the impacts of climate variability and change. RISA teams work with stakeholders and decision-makers to ensure that climate research and information is tailored to their needs, and advance knowledge on climate adaptation approaches specific to different regions.

In order to leverage the work of the RISA teams, the Assessment Program supports RISA Assessment Coordinators in three RISA teams: Pacific RISA, Western Water Assessment, and the Consortium on Climate and Risk in the Urban NE. These Coordinators will enable NCA capacity and engagement at the RISAs, and connect the work of the RISA teams with the sustained assessment process to ensure that the assessment process targets the issues and needs of the different regions throughout the U.S., and that the Assessment is used widely and meaningfully.

Assessment leadership and coordination

The Assessments Program staff provide oversight, support, and strategic direction to the Assessments activity by serving on the interagency Assessments Steering Committee, the interagency Indicators Working Group, and organizing and coordinating NOAA’s leadership of the Assessment and involvement in writing and executing the Assessment.


Americans’ health, security and economic wellbeing are tied to climate and weather. Every day, we see communities grappling with environmental challenges due to unusual or extreme events related to climate and weather. 


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