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Western Water Assessment Hosts Webinar Series on Snowpack Monitoring User Guide

Western Water Assessment Hosts Webinar Series on Snowpack Monitoring User Guide

On February 25 and March 11, the Western Water Assessment (WWA), a CPO Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessment (RISA) team, hosted a two-part webinar series about their recently released report, “Snow Monitoring in the Rocky Mountain West: A User Guide.” Researchers developed the guide in response to stakeholder requests for help navigating the wide range of snow monitoring data and tools. In Part One of the webinar series, the WWA provided an overview of the User Guide. Guest speakers Karl Wetlaufer (USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Service) and Jeff Deems (CIRES) discussed the details of snowpack observations, both in situ and remotely sensed. They covered where, how, and what data are collected, how they are organized, and how they can be accessed. In Part Two of the series, guest speakers Gus Goodbody (NRCS) and Patrick Kormos (NWS/Colorado Basin River Forecast Center) presented applications of snowpack information, particularly runoff forecasting. The webinar drew significant viewership, with 206 attendees for Part One and 129 attendees for Part Two.

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