AMAP Releases Deliverables to Coincide with Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting

  • 25 May 2021

The Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program (AMAP), a working group chaired by CPO Deputy Director Ben DeAngelo under the Arctic Council, released several deliverables this week to coincide with the Arctic Council Ministerial meeting in Reykjavik on Thursday. The new AMAP deliverables highlight the latest findings regarding Arctic climate, contaminants, and impacts to Arctic Indigenous groups and other Arctic communities. The deliverables include summaries for policy-makers, Litter and Microplastics Monitoring Plan, a short film, and web story map, linked below.

Several members of the NOAA community were involved in authoring and developing these reports, including Jim Overland (PMEL) and Muyin Wang (PMEL) for the climate report, Peter Murphy (NOS/Marine Debris Program) for the plastics monitoring report, Lori Bruhwiler (ESRL/GML) for the report on Short Lived Climate Forcers, as well as other U.S. scientists. CPO Knauss Fellow Alec Shub has been assisting on all AMAP activities.

Summaries for policy-makers:

Litter and Microplastics Monitoring Plan:

Short film:

Story map:

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