CPO Features Six Talented Women through Women’s History Month Campaign

  • 7 April 2021

In honor of Women’s History Month, CPO’s Communication, Education, and Engagement (CEE) team organized a series of biographical profiles of CPO-funded women scientists and staff. In total, we featured six talented, accomplished women, publishing interviews at the CPO website and the NOAA Research website.

Working with NOAA Research, we profiled Kendra Hammond, 22-year veteran of CPO/OGP and CPO’s new ASD Cooperative Agreement Program Manager, and Nga Lee “Sally” Ng, an AC4-funded scientist at Georgia Tech.

In addition, we profiled Suzana Camargo, a MAPP-funded scientist at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory; Allison Wing, a MAPP-funded scientist at Florida State University; Elizabeth Barnes, a MAPP-funded scientist at Colorado State University; and Angeline Pendergrass, a MAPP-funded scientist at Cornell University.

These profiles have earned significant readership on social media, including a retweet from the U.S. Commerce Department account for the story on Allison Wing.




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