OOMD Community Workshop

May 9-11, 2017
NOAA Science Center and Auditorium
1301 East West Hwy, Silver Spring, MD 20910


Poster and Lightning Talk submission--Due April 21

Posters can be up to 4'x4' in size.

Agenda--updated 4/21/17

Participant List--updated 4/18/17

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Workshop Goals:

1. Inform community about NOAA/OAR/CPO/OOMD programmatic progress/plans/goals

2. Assess requirements, identify challenges, and foster coordination between our stakeholders and observational programs

3. Develop concept goals for OceanObs ‘19.

4. Assess current data usage by stakeholders including national and international modeling centers


Tuesday 9 May 2017

All plenary sessions will take place in the Science Center Auditorium.

Posters should be displayed in the science center

Coffee/tea, morning refreshments will be served in the lobby.

8:00 Registration and poster set-up

Session 1: Welcome and overview

Chair: Emily Smith

8:30 General Welcome (5 min)
        David Legler

8:35 OAR update (20 min)
        Ko Barrett

8:55 Observations and Monitoring at CPO (20 min)
        Wayne Higgins

9:15 Introductory OOMD talk (20 min)
        David Legler

9:35 Workshop goals and Logistics (5 min)
         Emily Smith

9:40 Q&A (30 min)


Session 2: GOOS and EOV Progress


Chair: LCDR Megan Raymond

10:40 Overview of GOOS and FOO (20 min)
          Katy Hill

11:00 Advancements of the BGC EOVs (20 min)
          Rik Wanninkof

11:20 Advancing measurements of Biological EOVs (20 min)
          Patricia Miloslavich (remote)


1:30 Imperatives and challenges for sustained ocean observing and their utilization (20 min) RADM Jonathan White

Session 3: Societal Challenge #1 Regional and Global Sea Level Change and Impacts

Chair: Phil Thompson

2:00 Lightning talks--What are the prospects for utilizing global (including Arctic) ocean observations for regional ocean sea level knowledge?

1-Dean Roemmich

2-Tim Boyer

3-William Sweet

4-Phil Thompson

Session 4: Societal Challenge #2 Ocean Extremes

Chair: Adrienne Sutton

4:00 Lightning talks--What new technologies or approaches can be applied to improve our monitoring and ultimately prediction of ocean extremes and their impacts?

1-Meghan Cronin

2-Dick Feely

3-Gustavo Goni

4-Adrienne Sutton

Wednesday 10 May 2017

9:00 OceanObs ‘19 (15 min)
        Eric Lindstrom

Session 6: Break out group reports

11:15—Group reports (60 min)
            Jamie Shambaugh **coming soon!!

Session 7: Harnessing Oceans of Data

Chair: Jennifer Saleem Arrigo

1:30 Harnessing Oceans of Data: Data Management and Cyberinfrastructure that enhances the value, discoverability, and use of our observations (90 min)

1:30 OOMD approach to NOAA Data Directives - how and why?
        Jennifer Saleem Arrigo

1:40 ERDDAP services for data sharing and integration
        Kevin O’Brien

2:00 IOOS National Data Portals and OOMD data
        Tiffany Vance

2:20 NOAA OneStop - Better Discovery
        Ken Casey

2:40 Community Discussion - Q&A with Panel, Issues and Opportunities

Session 8:Valuing the system

Chair: Krisa Arzayus

3:30 How does one assess the economic value of the ocean observing system?
        Hauke Kite-Powell

3:50 What can data assimilation tools tell us about the observing system?
        Jim Cummings

4:10Upcoming advancements in ocean data assimilation at NCEP
        Steve Penny

4:30 Performance and metrics
        Jennifer Saleem Arrigo

4:50 Q &A (30 min)

Thursday 11 May 2017

Session 9: Regional Foci

Chair: Janet Sprintall

8:30 TPOS (30 min)
        Billy Kessler

9:00 Atlantic (20 min)
        Molly Baringer

9:20 Arctic Ocean (30 min)
        Craig Lee

9:50 Q&A (15 min)

Session 10: Strategic Priorities: Progress and forward looking (e.g. Ocean Obs ‘19)

Chair: Meghan Cronin

10:30 BGC-Argo (15 min)
          Todd Martz

10:45 Arctic observing (15 min)
          Chris Meinig

11:00 Deep Ocean (15 min)
          Nathalie Zilberman

11:15 Boundary Currents (15 min)
          Renellys Perez

11:30 Q&A/Discussion (15 min)

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E: james.todd@noaa.gov

Dr. Sid Thurston
Program Manager of International Development
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E: sidney.thurston@noaa.gov

Tony Perry III LCDR
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Dr. Kathy Tedesco (UCAR)
Program Manager, 
Ocean Climate Observations
P: 301-427-2462
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Dr. Emily Smith
Program Manager, GLOSS and Communications Specialist
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Dr. Shelby Brunner*
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