COM Program participates in Round Table to advance NOAA Big Data Project

  • 25 February 2020

The Climate Observations and Monitoring (COM) Program participated in a Round Table focused on “Putting Ocean Data to Use” organized by CODE, the Center for Open Data Enterprise, and NOAA Big Data Project. As a program focused on value-add dataset development and analysis, COM is keenly interested in furthering NOAA’s Big Data Project efforts through competitive research. Participants were composed of representatives from multiple NOAA line offices (National Ocean Service – IOOS), other agencies (Bureau of Ocean Energy and Management), and the private sector (ocean technology companies, data management companies, philanthropic science organizations, policy-focused nonprofits). 

NOAA’s Big Data Project vendors – Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft – all participated and spoke about what has been done so far, and potential for ocean data opportunities, as the Big Data Project was operationalized just this past Winter (December 2019). Together, NOAA and partners discussed a suite of questions in small break out groups that fell into three broader topics: 

  • Emerging Strategies and Technologies to Collect, Share, Process, and Analyze Ocean Data; 

  • Partner Collaborations and Data Integration; and 

  • Reimagining the Ocean Data Ecosystem – Solutions and Recommendations. 

Outcomes may include the community moving toward an Ocean Data Consortium. 

For more information on what datasets are available with Cloud vendors via the Big Data Project, visit NCICS/CISESS, the broker between NOAA Big Data Project and NOAA’s cloud providers and NOAA Big Data Project.




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