Adaptation Sciences Program Leads U.S. Center Side Event on Islands and International Partnerships at COP27

Adaptation Sciences Program Leads U.S. Center Side Event on Islands and International Partnerships at COP27

On Monday, November 14, CPO’s Adaptation Sciences Program is coordinating a U.S. Center event highlighting two international partnerships, the Local2030 Islands Network and the Renewable Energy for Latin America and the Caribbean (RELAC) initiative, as well as their U.S. Federal Agency and international partners, working towards ambitious and necessary net-zero and climate resilience goals during COP27. The event will take place in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt at 8-9 a.m. EST/3-4 p.m. EET.

This NOAA/National Renewable Energy Laboratory event is titled “Island and International Partnerships for a Net-Zero and Climate Resilient Future”. Speakers engaged with the Local2030 Islands Network and RELAC initiative will participate in a moderated roundtable to discuss the importance of international partnerships for climate resilience, sustainable development and net-zero pathways, and highlight progress they have made towards their goals. Roundtable speakers will include perspectives from across both partnerships, including NOAA Administrator Dr. Rick Spinrad. 

While numerous NOAA officials and staff will be present and engaged in many ways throughout COP27, this is the only event where NOAA is the leading organizing agency at the U.S. Center, emphasizing CPO’s continued engagement and leadership in international adaptation spaces. The event may be live streamed, although we are not certain due to potential connectivity issues on the ground at Sharm El Sheikh. We will follow up when there is a definite answer. 

For more information, contact Andrea Miralles-Barboza.

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