23 September 2015

SOCAT version 3 released

The Surface Ocean Carbon Atlas (SOCAT) is a community effort to assemble and quality control all publically available surface water partial pressure/fugacity of carbon dioxide CO2 data (pCO2 or fCO2). This data is the cornerstone to determine fluxes of CO2 between the ocean and atmosphere, and trends in surface ocean acidification. Over one-third of the data originates from CPO/COD funded efforts on ship of opportunity (SOOP-CO2) and moorings. 
Deep Argo floats recovered successfully! 18 September 2015

Deep Argo floats recovered successfully!

This week two Deep SOLO prototypes were recovered after being in the Pacific for a little more than a year.  These prototypes are able to go down to 6000m and send valuable data via satellites to scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO). 
CPO invests $2.9 million to support advances in climate monitoring 16 February 2015

CPO invests $2.9 million to support advances in climate monitoring

NOAA’s Climate Program Office’s (CPO) Climate Observation and Monitoring Division has awarded over $2.9 million this year to support 10 new multi-year projects to develop innovative strategies and new information products to help better detect, monitor, and understand  climate variability and change.



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