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2020 Heat Watch Campaigns Progress for Aug. 11th

2020 Heat Watch Campaigns Progress for Aug. 11th

Our thirteen NOAA-funded cities are progressing through their summer campaigns, with most cities already having completed traverses and moving on to the analysis phase. Our Houston campaign - the largest this season - has also been receiving significant media attention! Links below.

Seattle/King County: Due to unseasonably low temperatures throughout the summer of 2019, this campaign was unable to run last year as intended. Maintaining project communication over the last year, the City of Seattle, King County, and project volunteers were able to pull off a successful campaign on the hottest day of 2020 yet! Congrats, team. 

New Orleans: Several campaign teams in New Orleans are examining the surface temperatures of various built environment materials by using FLIR thermal imagery cameras attached to their smartphones. Using the platform ISeeChange, participants are able to share their findings and impressions from the activity with fellow campaigners and other platform users.  

View the Houston campaign's media coverage »

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