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2022 NIHHIS-CAPA Urban Heat Island Mapping Campaign Application Now Open

Apply by January 14th to be part of the next cohort of cities to map their urban heat islands.

2022 NIHHIS-CAPA Urban Heat Island Mapping Campaign Application Now Open

The National Integrated Heat Health Information System (NIHHIS) and CAPA Strategies are now accepting applications from organizations interested in participating in the 2022 cohort of Urban Heat Island (UHI) mapping campaigns. For the past four years, over three dozen cities across the U.S. have participated in the UHI campaign program to map the hottest parts of their communities. Cities in 11 states participated in the 2021 campaign, which finished data collection in September. Mapping reports will be released on a rolling basis through December. 

NOAA will provide funding to CAPA Strategies to support campaigns in approximately 8-10 communities in 2022. Additionally, there are three new features planned for the upcoming year's campaigns:

1. Additional monitoring products will be piloted in a few cities. While the standard campaigns provide a good snapshot of how temperatures vary in a city/county on a hot day, adding stationary sensors to the campaign can provide a longitudinal look at how these spatial patterns also change over time under varying weather conditions. 

2. Environmental Justice will be another factor considered when prioritizing applications, as the UHI mapping program is now a covered program under the Biden Administration's Justice40 Initiative. The campaign cities will track and report on the allocation of benefits to Environmental Justice (EJ) communities. 

3. The campaigns will be open to global cities for the first time. For the 2022 mapping season, 1-2 campaigns will be selected from cities outside of the United States. We are partnering with the Global Heat Health Information Network (GHHIN) to reach communities in other countries. 

Applications for support are due by 5PM Eastern Time on January 14th, 2022. Applicants will be notified of the outcome by early February. 

Learn more about the campaigns and how to apply. 



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