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What Work is NOAA Doing in the One Health Space?

Engaging with CDC and Academic COVID Environmental Modelers

Post doctoral training on climate and disease forecasting

Harmful Algal Bloom Impacts on Aquaculture fact sheet

Marine Zoonotic disease response

Environmental Drivers of Infectious Disease

Urban Heat Island Campaigns

Vibrio shellfish guidance and projections

COVID Data page-Supporting Pandemic prediction and response

GHHIN COVID and heat docs


WMO/WHO Integrated Health Services Joint Study Group

Dengue Forecasting

Predicting climate sensitive infectious diseases to protect public health and strengthen national security

Predicting disease outbreaks coinciding with El Nino events

Rift Valley Fever Emerging Health Risk Notification

Forecasting Chikungunya risk

Marine Zoonotics Baseline Marine Mammal Health & Disease Surveillance

Unusual Mortality Event and Outbreak Investigations

Marine Mammal Health M.A.P.

Effects of smoke exposure

Air quality forecasting

Global ocean observing system

Harmful algal blooms (HABs) observing system

Co-developing CDC heat and health tracker

NOAA One Health Logo
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