Arctic Sea Ice

Satellite images show that the area covered by sea ice in the Arctic is getting smaller. While a decrease in sea ice may open new shipping routes and provide easier access to natural resources, it may also introduce concerns related to national security and invasive species.

Data Trends

September Arctic Sea-Ice Extent Time Series Data Plot

Feature Articles

Arctic sea ice continues decline,
reaches second-lowest level

The low ice extent recorded this September continued the downward trend seen over the last 30 years. Meanwhile, scientists are finding that the ice cover has grown thinner, making it more vulnerable to melting during the summer.


Faces of Climate Change:
Life on the Ice

This video is the second of three short videos showcasing the dramatic changes in Alaska's marine ecosystems. The video highlights the marine mammals and birds and how they depend on Arctic sea ice...
Changing Planet:
Fresh Water in the Arctic

This Changing Planet video documents scientists' concerns regarding how melting Arctic sea ice will increase the amount of fresh water in the Beaufort Gyre, which could spill out into the Atlantic...
Inuit Observations of Climate Change
This video features changes in the land, sea, and animals that are being observed by the residents of Sachs Harbour, Northwest Territories, Canada many of whom hunt, trap, and fish because of...

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