Historical paintings, photographs, and other long-term records show that most mountain glaciers are melting away. People who depend on water from melting glaciers for their living needs, crops, and livestock are facing potential shortages.

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2011 Melt Season on Greenland
Up to 30 Days Longer than Average

The surface melt season on Greenland lasted up to 30 days longer than average in 2011, and it affected 31 percent of the ice sheet surface. Ice mass loss from Greenland in 2011 was about 430 gigatons—enough ice to raise global sea level by just over 1 millimeter.


NOVA ScienceNOW profile on Lonnie Thompson - Tropical Glaciologist
This video describes why tropical ice cores are important and provide different information than polar ice cores, why getting them now is important (they are disappearing), and how scientists get...
Changing Planet: Melting Glaciers
This NBC Learn video features climate scientists doing their research on Mt. Kilimanjaro to study the climate of the past. The scientists put the recently observed changes on the glacier into...
AK-03 ALASKA: AK-03 Columbia Glacier "Cliff" (Narrated)
A video from the Extreme Ice Survey in which Dr. Tad Pfeffer and photographer Jim Balog discuss the dynamics of the Columbia glacier's retreat in recent years through this time-lapse movie. Key...

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