Global Sea Level

Tide gauges and satellites that measure the distance from their orbit to the ocean's surface both show that global sea level is getting higher. Rising waters threaten ecosystems, freshwater supplies, and human developments along coasts.

Data Trends

Global Sea Level Time Series Data Plot

Feature Articles

Before the Next Flood
Sea level around the Chesapeake Bay is rising faster than the global average. How are the state of Maryland and coastal residents planning for change?


Changing Planet: Rising Sea Level
This video discusses the social and economic impacts (worldwide and in the US) of sea level rise caused by global warming (aired April 1, 2011).
Antarctica Ice
This short video examines the recent melting ice shelves in the Antarctica Peninsula; the potential collapse of West Antarctic ice shelf; and how global sea levels, coastal cities, and beaches would...
Samoa Under Threat
This video adapted from Bullfrog Films examines the effects of global warming on the Pacific island of Samoa with testimonials from an expert both in western science knowledge and in traditional...

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