Satellite images show that the area of land covered by snow during spring in the Northern Hemisphere is getting smaller. Snow is melting earlier, changing when and how much water is available for nature and people.

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Climate Change: Spring Snow Cover
Records from the last five decades show that on average, spring snow is disappearing earlier in the year than it did in the past. Across the Northern Hemisphere, the total area covered by snow during March and April has shrunk over time.


Inuit Observations of Climate Change
This video features changes in the land, sea, and animals that are being observed by the residents of Sachs Harbour, Northwest Territories, Canada many of whom hunt, trap, and fish because of...
Changing Planet: Black Carbon
This video addresses two ways in which black carbon contributes to global warming - when in the atmosphere, it absorbs sunlight and generates heat, warming the air; when deposited on snow and ice, it...
Arctic Climate Perspectives
This video along with a background essay focuses on impacts of climate change on the lives of Native Alaskans around Barrow, Alaska. Specific changes include the timing of the changes in the...

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