NOAA Greenhouse Gas Workshop: Towards MMRV (measurements, monitoring, reporting, and verification)

  • 24 April 2023

Event date: 6/5/2023 - 6/6/2023 Export event


The NOAA greenhouse gas community is organizing a workshop to solidify NOAA’s leadership role in the provision of greenhouse gas (GHG) measurements, models, and products through increased coordination of relevant activities and more streamlined product delivery. The workshop will be hosted by the Office of Atmospheric and Oceanic Research’s Climate Program Office (CPO).

Location: Silver Spring, MD

View the meeting agenda (updated 6/1/2023)

Expected outputs and outcomes of the workshop:

  • Improved awareness and coordination of all GHG activities through exchange of information and networking across NOAA
  • Increased visibility of NOAA GHG efforts and easier access to NOAA GHG data, models and products, including more centralized web presence and new public facing products, such as a NOAA State of Science Fact Sheet on GHGs
  • Plan for addressing the Earth Systems Integration Board (ESIB) 5 year outcome: “Develop GHG observation and modeling capabilities with NOAA domestic and international partners to reliably track changes in natural and human-made GHG emissions and sinks over time and at local, regional, continental, and global scales. Ensure the quality and necessary scientific stewardship of in situ and remotely sensed data sets from NOAA and partner observing systems.”

NOAA attendees can register for the workshop here »

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