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New story describes CPO’s collaboration with heat governance scholar Ladd Keith

CAP/RISA funding was critical in launching Ladd Keith’s successful career in heat governance.



More News

CPO entered an informal MOA with FEMA’s Office of Response and Recovery to develop national-level guidance to FEMA officials. …
Today, CPO, Sea Grant, and Office for Coastal Management announced the competitive funding opportunity for the Climate Ready Workforce for Coastal States, Tribes, and Territories…
The Climate Change and Human Health ECHO (Climate ECHO) is a weekly virtual mentoring program for health-care and public health professionals addressing essential climate and…
The U.S. Global Change Research Program, supported by the CPO/CEE division, is closing a robust public comment period and moving to the federal writing team…
This meeting is part of the beginning of DOT engaging with NIHHIS and working more closely with NOAA on climate tools and resources for heat…
Eight new postdoctoral fellows are commencing cutting-edge research projects that will contribute innovative climate science to the research community as well as NOAA’s mission….
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