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Pre-recorded Video/Presentations

Click on session titles to access prerecorded presentations.

Day 1

CPO Overview
Wayne Higgins, CPO Director
Overview of Key Documents
Ben DeAngelo, Deputy Director

Activity Area 1: Climate Science / Earth System Science and Modeling

Jin Huang, Division Chief
Atmospheric Chemistry, Carbon Cycle, and Climate (AC4) Program
Monika Kopacz, Program Manager
Climate Observations and Monitoring (COM) Program
Virginia Selz, Program Manager
Climate Variability and Predictability (CVP) Program
Sandy Lucas, Program Manager
Earth Radiation Budget Program
Victoria Breeze, Program Manager
Modeling, Analysis, Predictions and Projections (MAPP) Program
Dan Barrie, Program Manager
Day 2

Area 2: Climate and Societal Interactions

Claudia Nierenberg, Division Chief
Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments Program
Chelsea Combest-Friedman and Caitlin Simpson, Program Managers
Adaptation Sciences Program (SARP-COCA)
Nancy Beller-Simms, Lead
Climate and Fisheries Adaptation (CAFA)
Jennifer Dopkowski, CAFA Program Manager
International Adaptation Activities
Lisa Farrow Vaughan, Program Manager
Day 3

Activity Area 3: Communication, Education and Engagement

David Herring, Division Chief
Internal CPO Communications
John Coggin, Communications Specialist
Rebecca Lindsey, Science Writer & Editor; Mary Lindsey, Data Visualization Coordinator; Frank Niepold, Climate Education Coordinator/Senior Climate Education Program Manager; Tom DiLiberto, Meteorologist
Engagement For Climate Resilience
LuAnn Dahlman, Science Writer & Editor; Ned Gardiner, Engagement Specialist
Day 4

Activity Area 4: Integrated Information Systems, Risk Areas Initiative, Assessments

Ben DeAngelo, Deputy Director
NIDIS Program
Veva Deheza, Director
U.S. Drought Portal
Kelsey Satalino, Digital Communications Coordinator
Juli Trtanj, NOAA One Health and Integrated Climate Research Lead
Risk Areas Initiative
Paul Hirschberg, IIT Director
Assessments Overview
Dan Barrie, Program Manager
Day 5

Activity Area 5: Portfolio Management, Administration and Organizational Excellence

Orlando Epps, Division Chief
Budget Formulation and Execution
Orlando Epps, Division Chief
Kathleen Palermo, Grants Management Specialist;Anne Li, Management Analyst; Debbie Galo, Grants Management Specialist
Administrative Services
Orlando Epps, Division Chief
Cooperative Agreements and Institutes Management
Orlando Epps, Division Chief; Anne Li, Management Analyst
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) Program
Regina Cain, Acquisition Management Specialist
Training the Next Generation NOAA Workforce
Todd Christenson, Management & Program Analyst
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