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2021 RISA Funding: Competition 1 Webinar (1/12) and Competition 2 Guidance

Map of the 11 RISA teams and their geographic coverage across the United States of America and affiliated islands.
Map of the 11 RISA teams and their geographic coverage across the United States of America and affiliated islands.

CPO’s Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (RISA) Program will host the final informational webinar for the 2021 Funding Opportunity on January 12. The webinar will focus on advanced aspects of competition 1 proposals, such as evaluation and the small grants competition. Program managers will again be available to answer questions during this critical phase of proposal.

A second webinar will not be held for competition 2. Generic guidance is provided below based on letters of intent submitted to the program in December.

The RISA program, which supports the development of knowledge, expertise, and abilities of decision makers to plan and prepare for climate variability and change, is seeking applications for two competitions in FY21: 1) a competition for regional RISA teams in nine U.S. regions, and 2) a competition for collaborative planning activities in the Southeast and U.S. Caribbean. Prior to submitting applications, investigators are highly encouraged to learn more about the RISA program and review the material in the Notice of Funding Opportunity, the Program Information Sheet, and what is provided below. Specific questions should be submitted to  

Webinar details:
RISA 2021 Funding Opportunity – Competition 1, Part A

View Recording:
Slides: RISA 2021 Funding Opportunity – Competition 1, Part B

When: Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 3:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM PT.
Note: Part B will cover topics most relevant for the full application phase.

RISA 2021 Funding Opportunity – Competition 2

View Recording:
Competition 2 Guidance following submission of letters of intent:

  • The project must focus on social & economic dimensions of climate variability and change. It is not sufficient to address a physical science issue that has social implications. The social/economic considerations must be the primary subject. 
  • To reflect RISA program objectives, proposals must be regionally relevant and utilize local expertise. The inclusion of experts and institutions based outside of the region must  be well justified. 
  • The proposals must show that new collaborative relationships between relevant and  locally based organizations or stakeholders will be formed as an outcome of the project. 
  • The goal of the competition is to cultivate new partnerships through engagement and to co-develop community-relevant research questions. While data collection might be part of the process, it should not be the primary goal.
  • Proposals must identify and articulate a clear topical scope for the project. 
  • When considering geographic scope, carefully read 1. Determining Geographic Scope on page 3-4 of the RISA Information Sheet. Proposals in this competition are most relevant when they address a geographic scope similar to a RISA team which indicates a scope larger than a sub-state metropolitan area or watershed within a single state. In the case of the U.S. Caribbean, unique cultural and geographic gaps may prevent the inclusion of both Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands into a single project, however, the proposals should consider how they might be able to establish partnerships that could grow to cover both places. Projects spanning both the U.S. Caribbean and the Southeast are acceptable but need to be justified.
  • While it is appreciated that work in communities, such as those on the US Virgin Islands, inherently fulfill some justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) principles, proposals must  clearly explain  how JEDI principles will be integrated into the methodology, set of partners, or targeted stakeholders. 

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